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Church on Mission

Bridgepoint Mission Center is a CHURCH ON MISSION. We want to see our community THRIVE- spiritually, emotionally and physically.  We can't do this alone or in isolation. Therefore, we provide programs, trainings and activities that are designed to be a catalyst to help our community members get connected, equipped and empowered to positively impact their own lives, community, and their world- TOGETHER.

“I want to feed my community”

- Shannon Howley

A few years ago it started with a dream to feed people. Now I run a food pantry and feed thousands each month.

“I want to give a voice to the voiceless”

- Mike

When I began to learn about human trafficking, as a dad of ten kids, I could not remain silent. My heart cried out. Now I travel the state teaching, equipping, and bringing awareness because every voice matters.

“We want to see the unloved - loved.”

- Zac & Becca Calderon

We desire to see those that feel unloved and unknown come to know God's love as a Father AND to understand that they are the most loved, known, and cherished by God; to see that their worth is unchanging and that their wrongs will never be too much for God to love them.


We are a community driven by the love of Christ to love others well. We desire to have a space for all members of our community to feel connected to one another, to develop meaningful relationships, to serve, and to share life with one another, all while impacting their spheres of influence in a positive way.

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I Want

"to care for and encourage the people in the church"

-Travis & Chris Houston

I Want

to see people living in freedom.”

-Jordan & Ali Heesch

I Want

to create a beautiful space for people to worship Jesus in transparent joy and wonder.”

-Bridgette Patton

to serve people”

-William Patton